• Pool Exercise Can Keep You Healthy and Fit

  • Fitness experts extol the virutes of swimming as one of the best exercises you can do.
    Those benefits include improved strength and flexibility, a stronger heart, increased energy, improved circulation, weight loss and stress relief. Swimming is just one of many exercises you can do in your swimming pool at home.
    Stay fit this summer and maybe all year round with these simple water exercises:
        * Kicks: Grabbing a kickboard, or holding onto the edge of the pool, and kicking to tone your legs, buttocks and stomach.
        * Running: Increase your heart rate by running in the water. Be sure the water is chest-high and begin by running with your hands on your head. As you become more experienced, try paddling with your arms. Walking or jogging in water is also very good.
        * Bobbing: Bobbing up and down in the water may not seem like much exercise but it helps to improve breathing and muscle tone.
        * Tread Water: You can improve your arm and leg strength simply by treading water.
        * Yoga: You can improve flexibility and strength while relaxing with gentle yoga movements. You can learn specific water yoga exercises and workouts.
        * Leg Lifts: Holding onto the side of the pool, and lifting each leg with 10 repititions behind you, in front of you and to the side will really work your heart rate. This will help to condition your legs, buttocks and stomach.
        * Pull-Ups: To strengthen muscles in your back, shoulders and arms try these pull-ups. Hold onto the side of the pool and lower your body as much as possible. Keep your knees bent, exhale and pull yourself up as high as you can.

    Remember to check with your Doctor before beginning any new exercise or workout program. And don't forget that you can become dehydrated in the pool, so make sure you drink water before and after working out.