• Make it a Pool Party Game

  • Whatever the occasion, pool party games are fun. Having a big pool party or just a few friends over for a swim on a hot summer day, playing a few games will keep your guests having fun in the sun. Pool party games make cooling off more fun and pool party games gets the fun started.
    Instead of playing the same old games of Marco Polo or Blind Man's Bluff, try some of these game ideas to entertain your friends and make your pool party a big splash.

    Diving for Prizes
    Diving for a coin in a pool is a fun activity, but if you're having a pool party and you want to give away prizes, why not add prizes with a fun game? Instead of just tossing one coin into the center of the pool, toss in a handful of coins or small prizes. Pool party
    guests can have fun for items they can keep. You don't have to go broke with this fun pool party game. All you need are some brand new  quarters, fancy polished stones, faux gems, small unbreakable trinkets, and anything else that's heavy enough to sink to the bottom but not hazardous to the safety of pool party guests. Toss the items into the pool and let your guests swim to the bottom and keep what they collect. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy collecting the treasures they find.

    Swimming Pool Duck Race
    This fun and exciting game is one that all your pool party guests will enjoy. It provides all the fun of a duck race without the little extras that real ducks leave behind. To play this fun game, provide a plastic floating duck for each pool party guest. Have players lineup at one end of the pool with their ducks. When the referee starts the race, the players must push their ducks across the pool and back again. This doesn't sound very hard, but the players are only allowed to touch the duck with their nose! You'll see it's harder than it sounds! Don’t forget the prize award.

    Wet T-Shirt Relay
    This wet t-shirt relay isn't the typical wet t-shirt contest. This wet t-shirt contest is fun and appropriate for all ages. All you need are two large t-shirts and two teams of pool party guests willing to play this fun and exciting game. Line up teams of 2 or more pool party guests on both ends of the pool. Give a wet t-shirt to the first person in line on each end. At the start of the game, the first person must put the wet t-shirt on over their bathing suit and swim to the other end of the pool. After touching the other end of the pool, the person must swim back, remove the t-shirt, and pass it to their team member who then must put it on and do the same. The first team to complete this task wins the game.